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Uphill-Downhill-A Perfect Day


After a stormy night we had a fabulous day, riding from Rockwood to Cumberland. 22 miles up to the Continental Divide, and then 22 miles downhill to Cumberland.

8 tunnels; 16 bridges. Spectacular views.

We’ve been riding for three days witubtwo other groups of people, seeing them throughout the day and then in the evening.  It becomes a small world.

Great service yesterday at Confluence Cyclery. Del got somevgreat gloves for riding. I got my hsndlebar bsg fixed so it no longer tilts down as I ride. Incredible! I no longer need to reach over the top and pull the bag back up!

Great breakfast in Confluence after a stormy night at Sister’s Cafe. Warm, dry and good coffee!


Part of tandem riding is the time to thunk and ponder, some if the time its about conversation. Deep questions to think about. Is there life on other planets? Is cloning a good thing? Is cloning a wooly mammoth different than cloning a sheep?

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