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Tandems, Trail Gators and Tag-A-Longs

We are excited to upgrading our riding to tandems.  After searching for months on Craigslist and EBay we found two tandems that work for us.

We had been using a “third wheel” attachment and a TrailGator.  Of the two the TrailGator worked much better and was lighter than the third wheel. The thrid wheel had play in the attachment so you would feel the shift of the bike from side to side.  Ken took the third wheel on his bike.  I used the TrailGator.  The TrailGator allows you to attach a child’s bike to your bike and it lifts the front wheel of the child’s bike off of the ground.   For folsk that ride to trails you can then let your child off the bike on their own bike for the trail portion of the ride and then hook them back to your bike once you are on the road.  The limitation of the TrailGator is probably the size of the bike you can tow.  So you can only grow with this option for a while.

After a couple of years riding the Tandems we highly recommend them! We have figured out a set up for carrying our gear and Donna rides with the tag-along to the beach and even has picked the girls up from school on it.

We have two different conversion kits on the bikes.  Since the bikes are each very different geometries we had to figure out how to make them work with small kids.  Ken’s bike needed less of a conversion.  Both kits were found through Tandems East in New Jersey.

We have added a cargo trailer for touring.

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