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Riding the White Line

spectacular roadSpring is here and bikers are out and about everywhere…. as a driver and biker I am always amazed at the risks that some cyclists take in how they ride.  I ride the white line, inside the line if there is room for me there, close to the white line if there isn’t room inside.  I never ride two abreast, although I do have people that will ride that way with me… but be clear, I’m on that white line!!

Well, as a driver I find people riding two abreast on our back country roads, with all of their twists and turns and they don’t see the least bit concerned about their safety or mine as I try to find a good place to pass.

Safety for cyclists is the responsibility of both the cyclist and the drivers on the road.  I have had my share of drivers that have looked at me, made eye contact and still cut me off.  It is always unbelievable to me, but I also always expect it. We ride with an attitude of “they’re trying to kill us”, we are defensive riders.  I think as a cyclist it is the only way to ride.

But certainly the local club riders, ride with an attitude of entitlement that puts them in danger and the people in cars in danger.  Back country roads with curves are not places to ride two abreast.  It is what makes drivers so frustrated with cyclists.  Cyclists need to be smart and keep themselves safe and build good rapport with drivers.  We all depend on it.

Be safe…

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