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Queen of the Slo-Mo Crash

Well, it was bound to happen at some point — a slow motion crash.  Ken says I’m the Queen of them, but I am sure there are some other folks that are good at them too…Today, on the way out to breakfast was our first crash on the tandems with kids — and thankfully — it was SLOW motion and I was the only one that truly crashed!

Typical problem… the chain jammed, well, that’s not typical and the first time on this bike.  We were climbing and dropped to the granny gear and the chain jammed.  I couldn’t pedal. I tried to put my foot down and my cleat would not release (there’s the typical problem).  New pedals with new cleats and I’ve only ridden with them a couple of times…

My foot was stuck. I have had this crash before, a few times, but not with one of my kids on board.

I yelled back: “we’re falling!!!!!”. Thankfully, Sadie jumped off and was fine.  I landed hard on my elbow and knee in gravel.  My new cup of coffee in my new coffee cup holder spilled all over me! And, I think there was a choice word that escaped!!  I was up quick and everyone was scared.  But all was pretty fine — bruised both knee and elbow and drew some blood too.  We walked the rest of the hill and climbed back on board!

Breakfast was great.  The ride home — along our favorite downhill. Ken shot a video of it that I will upload later!  There’s a creek to the left and just woods.  It feels like you are riding in Colorado or someplace like that.  Wonderful downhill…

Later in the day — a bit achy but not too bad!

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