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Kayaking with Kids

After kayaking for years in our own boats we didn’t want to give it up. So, we opted at first for a BIG plastic double kayak.  It could fit us both and a toddler.  Later it served us in fitting two kids, one dog and one paddler.  It was a fast way to get back out on the water without having to build a big boat for all of us.

summer 2013 006

Now, its a great boat for carrying a lot of gear for camping trips and playing in. Both girls can paddle it. And, our dogs love to be able to go out for a paddle with us and this BIG Blue is the boat that can handle, wiggling dogs.

For kids we recommend the Perception Acadia 10.  I’m not sure they’re making these anymore. kayakBut we found them at Eastern Mountain Sports as well as on Craigslist.  Search for Perception Acadia 10 for sale and a bunch of results will come up.  This boat is low to the water which makes it nice for petite kids.  We saw other friends that bought other kayaks that were too wide and too tall for their kids to easily paddle.  The Perception Acadia is responsive and easy for kids to maneuver.  The Perception Carolina looks pretty good too, but we’ve never tried it.

We’ve added bungee cords onto the top of both of our kids boats.  A porthole would be nice to to stow a small amount of gear.  We are able to do some kayak camping with kids in their own boats. We still depend on Big Blue to carry a big portion of the gear.

Big Blue is an Old Town double.



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