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Grocery Shopping via Bike

20140621_101415Decided to test out our new Travoy Trailer by Burley.  Bought it for world travel to test it out and see how it works.  My goal is to be totally self sufficient when traveling internationally.  The Travoy would allow us to carry gear AND move our tandems through airports…

I’ve never pulled a trailer so everyone was curious what how I would like it… Decided to take it for a 10 mile ride to the grocery, load it up and then ride it home. The ride to the grocery was fine.  The trailer tracks well.  Doesn’t pull on the bike.  You can feel it if it hits a pot hole or runs over something but otherwise it’s pretty unnoticeable.

IMG_9120Picked up most of our week’s groceries. I skipped Popsicles, ice cream and melt-able things.

I brought a couple of cooler bags, two large panniers and the bag that came with the Travoy.

Everything fit in easily.  The straps that came with the Travoy — easy to use and I brought a few bungee cords that secured it all.

I love riding a loaded bike!!  it just feels good.  headed out into traffic.  The bike was definitely heavier.  The trailer still worked well.  No real pull.  The climbing was slow but to be expected. Took it down a long 2 mile downhill.  Handled beautifully.  Hardly a difference in my bike with the trailer on it.

We weighed the food when I got home. 90 pounds of food!!!

IMG_9123Not bad for my first grocery store run — solo. So total — with trailer, panniers etc….about 110 pounds of gear.

Cold food was all fine and still cold when we unpacked it!

All in all — the Travoy is a great little trailer.  We are excited about its possibilities.  It tracks better than our one wheeled trailer and offers more versatility in its use.

We see it as a great addition to our gear for long distance travel. Check it out here: Burley

Here are some of the ways we plan to use the Travoy:

  • Carrying gear on tours — we will be able to change how we carry gear.  Moving some gear to the trailer.
  • Luggage cart — for airports, train stations, etc we can use the Travoy to carry bikes in boxes, panniers, tents, etc….
  • Travoy — folds down for easy transport on planes and trains as well.
  • Grocery shopping — obviously!

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