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Feeling Like a Third Wheel

20140708_180713As we pulled out of the driveway today we had an amusing conversation. It was our first ride on the “BIG Rig” – the tandem with the tag-a-long attached. Ken was feeling well so we decided to do a quick ride ourselves…Del said — “Mom, I feel like a third wheel, but the thing is I am truly a third wheel right now!” Indeed she was! Loved and cherished but riding 3rd wheel today. We all laughed and went on our way…. navigating a short 3 1/2 miles around the area. A couple of small climbs to challenge us and narrow road to stress Mom….But successful all around!

It is one of the best parts of riding tandems and BIG Rigs — its about the journey — the conversation and observations along the way.

Today, we crossed a small river in the area a couple of times and a metal bridge, but no bears or other exciting wild creatures!20140708_182750

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