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Building Kayaks

kayakWe built our kayaks — before kids!  They were actually our “engagement rings” and became a metaphor for our marriage  — we felt like if they float then we would have a good chance.  We built them during my year in grad school and we didn’t launch them until a couple of months before we got married. During their construction they tested our relationship and we learned important lessons.

  • sometimes you have to let go and walk away
  • problems seem different after you leave them alone for a while
  • we work differently

buildig kayakThey did float and our marriage at this point has been almost 15 years and counting. They still float!

They’re great touring boats and fun paddling boats.  They have stood the test of time as well — still floating 15 years later.

We used Chesepeake Lightcraft Design and kit.  We decided that building was enough.  That trying to cut expensive marine grade mahogany was probably pushing our skill set.  At Chesapeake Lightcraft they do precision cutting.  And we were totally right, building was complicated enough.  We built Chesapeake 16’s.  They are touring kayaks and can carry quite a bit of gear.  The seats need to be upgraded but other than that– they’re great.

Donna's Boat

Donna’s Boat


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